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Talking about Guns and Suicide

Dr. Emmy Betz, an injury prevention specialist talks about her experiences in the emergency room at the University of Colorado Hospital. She shares her thoughts on the role guns play in suicide and prevention techniques.

Commentary: Removing a Ban on Gun Control Research

Not being allowed to research gun control hinders our progress on determining policies that might help those who commit handgun-related suicide. In 1996, Congress passed legislation that prevented the CDC from promoting or funding gun control research. A good first step would be to at least allow the topic of handgun control to be researched. The findings from these potential studies would give us more definitive evidence that could go long ways to prevent suicide.

Firearm suicides account for approximately half of suicides in the US

(CDC FastStats, Suicide and Self-Harm)

The CDC compiles facts on suicide deaths each year.

Approximately one-half of suicides were by firearm.

There is a clear need for improved gun safety measures to help prevent firearm suicide.


Concerned citizens and state representatives have called for the reinstatement of the 48 hour waiting period. Rep. Dana Wachs and a group of his assembly colleagues have introduced this bill to the State Assembly and Senate.

For further details and to express your support or concern, contact your local representative.